Skinny Dipping at Barren River Lake

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Whoa! What I meant to say was DOUBLE DIPPING! Not Skinny…although I guess it got you looking at this blog, huh? Ha ha! :) No pictures or descriptions of that here!

I did make two straight trips to Barren County this weekend. I consider Barren River Lake to be my “home court” as far as adventure goes. Always a good standby when destination plans miles elsewhere fall through. I love the feeling of “goin’ to the lake” and getting away from it all, if only for a few miles and a few minutes. A recharge button only takes a second to press, and sometimes a few moments in the woods can do just that for the soul.

Chiks in the Stiks

Saturday I went to the Barren River Lake State Resort Park and hung out with a bunch of women having a fun weekend in the outdoors. Chiks in the Stiks was a success in its first year! Around 15 ladies stayed a weekend at the park fishing, hiking, cooking smores, and learning about Kentucky Adventure from yours truly! Seems they all wanted to know about white-water rafting, and I pretty much sent them straight to Cumberland Falls! I amused them with a couple of my favorite snake stories, then presented them with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket! Inside the Colonel’s container was my “Kentucky Bucket List.” Five places to visit in the bluegrass before going to, well, greener grass. What was the list? Well, you’ll have to come next year and find out! No telling!

After the talk I returned to Bowling Green and cheered on my buddies from Morehead State University as they tried hard to win another game in the NCAA tournament. They fell short, but still cool to see the small town college on the big stage. And yes, I watched the team from Lexington, too.

First Bloomer at Brigadoon

After battling a computer virus all day Saturday and a split on the bottom of my hiking foot that had troubled me all week, I made the decision to drive back to Barren County on Sunday. Highway 31E is a must drive for any road trip enthusiast. Take her all the way to Louisville and you’ll come back with memories of oohs and aahs you collected along the way. I took the road north of the park to find nearby Brigadoon State Nature Preserve. I was able to see flowers blooming on spring’s first weekend! Here’s a forest that has not been logged out at least before the early 1800s. It’s out of the way and is a path off the beaten path, so you’ll almost always be by yourself on this one. Visit for more info on this and other preserves statewide.

After my skinny, uh, double dip, I made it back to Bowling Green and wrote a blog. How’s that for a weekend. Till next trip…

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