Bobcat hunting in Western Kentucky

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The old saying, “Mean as a wildcat” isn’t just a saying here in Western Kentucky, coon hunters and farmers alike find this statement to be true.  This month in the month of January, In Hancock County, a coon hunter was out with his two dogs and heard what he thought were his dogs treeing a coon, minutes later, one of the dogs returned with his tail between his legs, while the other never return. The next morning the hunter went back out looking for his lost dog and found it mauled and dead. Suspecting a bobcat as the culprit, he set a trap and his suspicions were verified, trapping a 28 pound bobcat.

Bobcat taken in Hancock County

Here’s the picture of the cat.

Because of this increase of Bob Cats in Kentucky, The League of Kentucky Sportsmen have asked to

Bobcat track middle of picture

Bobcat track

increase the hunting season of bobcats to go on into February, instead of closing in January.

Bob Cats are found in every county in Kentucky, but in Western Kentucky, especially in the counties of Breckenridge and Hancock, more bobcats were harvested than anywhere else. In Breckenridge County alone, 34 were hunted and 21 were trapped.  This might have to do with this year’s report (2012 Fur Market report) Bobcat pelts were being sold for $572.21.

Bob Cats are one of the most elusive wild games of Kentucky and can be found throughout the great Commonwealth.  Unlike a deer hunter who may get lucky his first time out, the hunter of bobcats has to outsmart an animal which is stealth, climbs a tree, and has the hearing and eye sight of an owl. If you bag a bobcat, you are a true hunter!

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